Some For A Few

Some For A Few

Ask Marc Bell of Super Training about his favorite set/rep scheme, and you will invariably get the following response: “some for a few.”

What does Marc Bell mean by this? Is some for a few the holy grail of strength training?

Stated another way, Marc Bell typically prefers to train by feel, drawing upon his vast training history to help guide him in the right direction in his training sessions.

It’s hard to argue results and certainly many, many athletes have achieved extraordinary results through relying on this type of cybernetic periodization or auto regulation.

With all due respect to Marc Bell and his approach to training,

There is a better way.

If you want to maximize your results, then you must precisely control ALL of the loading parameters. When you write your own routines, you must precisely control the following:

Exercise selection

Exercise order

-Number of sets

Number of reps

Exercise tempo

-Rest Periods

Modes of contraction

Methods of contraction

-Resistance type


This is all without touching upon more long-term programming considerations, such as:

-selecting an appropriate training split

-utilizing neurotransmitter based program design

-planning of loading progression from workout to workout

-how many times an individual should compete or “peak” per year

-lengths of accumulation, intensification, and peaking phases

-balancing volume vs intensity of training

-identifying and correcting structural balance deficits


As you can see,

There is a lot to consider when designing your strength training routines.

The stronger you get, the more important it becomes to properly manipulate all of these essential loading parameters in order to maximize results and to continue to improve.

The some exercises for a few reps approach just doesn’t cut it if you want to maximize your results. And if you aren’t maximizing your results, then you are just wasting your time (or at least some of your time).

If you are to train yourself I highly recommend you begin to properly manipulate these variables in your own training.

I think you will find the articles on my website invaluable in this regard.

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Dr. Mike Jansen, PT, DPT

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