Push Workout | September 1st, 2022

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Yea buddy! Light weight baby! Nothin’ but a peanut!

August 20th – Push Day #1 (Chest / Shoulders / Triceps)

Exercise #1: Hammer strength high incline press (purple bands)

  • LT: 15 / side x 7 reps
  • TT: 35 / side x 6 reps

Exercise #2: Sideways hammer strength incline press

  • LT: 30 / side x 23 reps
  • TT: 35 / side x 22 reps

Exercise #3: Hammer strength overhead press (red bands)

  • LT: 60 / side x 9 reps
  • TT: 65 / side x 7 reps

Exercise #4: Machine lateral raise

  • LT: 45 x 20 reps
  • TT: 45 x 22 reps

Exercise #5: Reeves row

  • LT: 45 / side x 18 reps
  • TT: 52.5 / side x 14 reps

Exercise #6: Jansen rope extension

  • LT: N/A
  • TT: 290 x 5 reps

Exercise #7: Dead stop skull crusher

  • LT: 50 x 23 reps
  • TT: 60 x 16 reps

Here’s the training video:

WOW – what a workout!!!

I had 1 new movement today – the Jansen rope extension. If you ignore that movement, then I hit personal records on 6/6 exercises! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

First up was the high incline machine press with purple bands. I hit a ridiculous 40 pound PR there and only lost 1 rep. After that, I hit smaller PRs on my other exercises.

In case you were curious, the Jansen rope extension is my version of the overhead rope extension using the high pulley position. There are a few things I do differently with this exercise:

  • I lean WAY forward – my upper body is basically parallel to the ground
  • I use some body momentum to get the weight moving on the concentric range
  • I perform the concentric range with my hands pushed together, and the eccentric range with my hands pulled apart
  • I finish the concentric range with a pressing motion to lock out the weight
  • I use a 3-5 second tempo on the lowering phase of each rep

All of these strategies are designed to help me eccentrically overload my triceps on the lowering phase of the exercise – especially the long head.

This is easily one of my favorite exercises for the long head of my triceps.

Overall, this was another great workout in the books. I’m still finishing my marathon diet, but I should be back to “bulking” in the near future.

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As always, thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck on your strength training journey!


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