Push Workout | September 17th, 2022

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September 17th – Push Day #1 (Chest / Shoulders / Triceps)

Exercise #1: Hammer strength flat supine press (purple bands)

  • LT: 35 / side x 7 reps
  • TT: 50 / side x 7 reps

Exercise #2: Sideways hammer strength incline press

  • LT: 60 / side x 17 reps
  • TT: 60 / side x 20 reps

Exercise #3: Squat machine overhead press

  • LT: 60 x 8 reps
  • TT: 60 x 9 reps

Exercise #4: Machine lateral raise

  • LT: 60 x 15 reps
  • TT: 60 x 16 reps

Exercise #5: Jansen rear delt row

  • LT: 120 x 15 reps
  • TT: 120 x 18 reps

Exercise #6: Smith machine JM press (purple bands)

  • LT: 15 / side x 6 reps
  • TT: 15 / side x 5 reps

Exercise #7: 1-arm eccentric band pushdown

  • LT: (3 hands chocked) x 15 reps
  • TT: (3 hands chocked) x 18 reps
What a great workout!
I hit PR’s on 6 out of 7 exercises. The only thing I stalled on was the smith machine JM press. I’ve been grinding on that exercise forever, so I’m not surprised I finally stalled.
I think I’m going to try a weird version of an incline smith machine JM press with bands where I lower the weight to my forehead next. Let’s see how it goes!
Besides that, everything went great. The 30 pound PR on my main chest exercise was probably the highlight of the workout. Now that I’m bulking again, I feel unstoppable!!!!

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As always, thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck on your strength training journey!

Dr. Mike Jansen, PT, DPT

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