Physique Update | September 17th, 2022

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What’s going on! This is my latest physique update.

Follow along as I train to become The World’s Strongest Natty Bodybuilder!

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Yea buddy! Light weight baby! Nothin’ but a peanut!

Alright guys – I’m trying something new here. I’ve been working with my diet coach for about 1.5 years now. I send him weekly progress pics, and he gives me an updated diet plan based on how I’m looking.

These are my latest progress pics!

Weight last week: 172.0

Weight this week: 174.0


I’ve been dieting since January. This was actually my first week being done with the diet, and eating some higher calories.

It’s hard to believe, but my strength continued to increase during the entire duration of my diet. I went from about 195 pounds, to 172 pounds! Now I’m entering a “lean bulk” phase. If things go well, I should be one of the strongest natty bodybuilders on the planet in the first half of 2023!

I actually have a bet with my friend that I can hit a 4 plate hammer strength incline press for reps by the end of the year. I was only doing a little over 3 plates per side when I made the bet. And now, well… let’s just say I upped the ante to 5 plates per side!

Will I hit it? I have no idea. But I’m going to have a hell of a time the next few months seeing if I can make it happen!

These kinds of results are 100% achievable without drugs, if you have your diet and training dialed in. I may be biased, but I really like the Dr. Mike Training Program for building size and strength.

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As always, thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck on your strength training journey!

Dr. Mike Jansen, PT, DPT

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