Leg Workout | September 14, 2022

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Yea buddy! Light weight baby! Nothin’ but a peanut!

August 27th – Leg Workout (Quads / Hamstrings)

Exercise #1: Leg extensions

  • LT: 175 x 14 reps
  • TT: 190 x 13 reps

Exercise #2: Leg press (purple / 2x black bands)

  • LT: 125 / side x 12 reps
  • TT: 135 / side x 11 reps

Exercise #3: Walking dumbbell lunges

  • LT: 20’s x 25 reps
  • TT: 30’s x 20 reps

Exercise #4: Kneeling leg curl

  • LT: N/A
  • TT: 100 x 5 reps

Exercise #5: 45 degree back extension with bands

  • LT: Black band x 8 reps
  • TT: 2x red band x 6 reps

Here is the training video:

This was another great leg workout!

I hit very solid PRs on all of my quad exercises. I’m probably going to decrease the weight on the first 2 movements and shoot for around 20 reps on the next workout. From there, I’m going to rapidly increase the weight each workout while trying to keep my reps high.

I’ve been using lower reps for quads lately, but my diet is FINALLY over, so now I’m going back to slightly higher reps.

Last workout I stalled on lying leg curls, so I swapped in kneeling leg curls here. The machine only holds 100 pounds per side, so I literally maxed out the leg curl machine. LOL!

I’ll stick with the same weight here for a while, then find a way to add more weight…

For the back extensions, I’ve actually never used this much band tension on this exercise. It felt great! I think this exercise is carrying over to my Romanian rack deadlifts with bands, so I’ll keep alternating between these 2 exercises as my 2nd hamstrings movement until something stalls.

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As always, thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck on your strength training journey!


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