The Dmitry Klokov Solution To Hip Impingement!

Dmitry Klokov Solution For Hip Impingement

Hip impingement is one of the most aggravating injuries an athlete can have. Fortunately, there is the Dmitry Klokov solution for hip impingement!

Hip impingement is a phenomenon where there is abnormal contact and wearing between the head of the femur and socket of the hip joint.

If your pain is stemming from hip impingement, it will feel like a generalized aching sensation when coming out of the bottom position in squats.

A physical therapist may utilize several screens to help to pinpoint whether or not this is the cause of your hip pain. 

If you squat with heavy loads for a long enough period of time you may one day suffer from hip impingement. If this describes you, then allow me to introduce you to the Dmitry Klokov solution for hip impingement:

Tempo Squats”

Dmitry Klokov absolutely loves to perform squats with a very slow negative and a multi-second pause in the bottom position. He feels it is the fast eccentric repetitions, combined with bouncing out of the hole that aggravates the hip joint.

In fact, Dmitry Klokov has probably done more to popularize slow tempo squatting than any other individual alive today.

Why does this work so well? And how did Dmitry Klokov stumble upon how to fix hip impingement on his own?

For many athletes, the source of hip impingement is bouncing out of the hole in deep squats. When you squat in this manner, the hip joint can become incredibly aggravated and lead to a state of progressive inflammation and degeneration of the hip joint.

When you perform slow tempo squats, the hip joint finally has a chance to repair itself and for your inflammation to subside.

There is no doubt that this trick will not work for everyone, but tempo squats are definitely a valuable tool for any weightlifter dealing with hip impingement.

How slow are we talking?

Consider that Klokov has gone so far as to recommend a 7/6/1/0 tempo; that is, seven seconds on the eccentric portion of the repetition, and a six-second pause in the hole!

A simple you tube search would confirm that Klokov indeed practices what he preaches when it comes to when it comes to ‘tempo squats.’

For example:

For Olympic weightlifters Klokov recommends following the slow squats with weighted jumps to ensure the athlete does not become too ‘slow.’ This may be less of a concern for a powerlifter or strongman as these sports require less explosive strength than Olympic weightlifting.


If you suffer from hip pain while squatting, take a page out of Klokov’s book and give tempo squats a shot. The man claims a personal best of 300 kg after all…

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