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Which bodybuilding program should you choose? That is the million dollar question.

In my opinion, DC Training and Mountain Dog Training are the 2 best bodybuilding programs in the world. If you are truly serious about getting results, then these programs are for you.

Let’s start our discussion with DC Training.

DC Training is a low volume / high intensity bodybuilding program invented by Dante Trudel.

This program is built around strength gains on key exercises in higher rep ranges. In other words, DC Training is designed to get you extremely strong in the 6-20 rep range.

Here are some of the core aspects of DC Training:

  • Rest-pause sets
  • Extreme stretches
  • Progressive overload

If you have never used DC style rest-pause sets before, then you will be shocked at how fast your strength shoots up. By your third week of DC Training you will be hitting massive PRs on every exercise in the 6-20 rep range. You will also wonder why you ever trained any other way.

In my opinion, DC Training is the most effective high-intensity bodybuilding program in the world. If you respond well to low-volume, high-intensity programs with an emphasis on beating the logbook, then this program is for you.

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Now let’s talk about Mountain Dog Training.

Mountain Dog Training is a high volume bodybuilding program invented by John Meadows.

John structures his workouts so you can train extremely hard while staying safe. He wants you to train hard and use different high-intensity techniques, but only when they can be done safely. In other words, John places a huge emphasis on health and longevity.

Here are some of the core aspects of Mountain Dog Training:

  • Proper exercise sequencing
  • The mind-muscle connection
  • Safely training as hard as possible

John’s emphasis on proper exercise sequencing can’t be emphasized enough. He is correct that the way you sequence your exercises has a huge impact on how much muscle you build, as well as your longevity in the iron game.

In my opinion, Mountain Dog Training is the #1 high-volume training program in the world. If you respond well to traditional high-volume bodybuilding workouts, then this program is for you.

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There are many other great training programs you can choose from. However, I believe DC Training and Mountain Dog Training are the way to go if you want maximum results.

Of course, there are many other great programs that you can choose from. Here are some of my favorites:

Let’s take a closer look at each of these options.

Powerbuilding is a great option that works well for many bodybuilders. The basic idea is to use lower-rep sets and higher-rep sets in your workouts to build size and strength at the same time. DC Training and Mountain Dog Training can both be classified as “powerbuilding” programs, but there are many other ways to structure this type of workout. Here is where you can learn more:

Charles Poliquin was arguably the world’s best strength coach. He trained Olympic athletes in 22 different sports plus countless professional athletes. Charles has an EXTREMELY effective system for building muscle mass. However, his programs can be a little bit complicated. He uses the “A1 / A2” system and antagonistic supersets in most of his workouts. His routines are VERY effective. Unfortunately, it is very hard to write your own Charles Poliquin style routines, as he uses a relatively complicated periodization model called the “accumulation / intensification” system. It’s also difficult to perform antagonistic supersets in most commercial gyms. That being said, if you know how to write Poliquin-style routines, and you have the ability to perform antagonistic supersets in your gym, then Charles Poliquin style routines are as good as it gets for building muscle mass. Here is where you can learn more:

Milos Sarcev is widely regarded as one of the best bodybuilding coaches of all time. He has trained many Mr. Olympia finalists, as well as countless professional and amateur bodybuilders. Milos uses a unique training method called “giant sets” in his workouts. Giant sets are extremely effective for building muscle mass – especially if you have a high pain tolerance, and understand how to program them for optimal results. The biggest downside to giant sets is it’s hard to perform them in a busy commercial gym. If you are interested in Milos Sarcev’s giant set system, then here is where you can learn more:

Dorian Yates famously used a high-intensity training program to become the 6x Mr. Olympia champion. His program involves performing 1 working set to failure on each exercise. He also used a post-failure intensity technique called “forced reps” on many of his exercises. In my opinion the Dorian Yates Training Program is a sub optimal version of DC Training. It’s also challenging to perform in a commercial gym, as you need a training partner to help you perform the forced reps. However, this is another example of a very effective high-intensity bodybuilding program. Here is where you can learn more:

If you like high-frequency bodybuilding programs, then Fortitude Training is for you. This program was designed by Dr. Scott Stevenson, one of the smartest people in the fitness industry. He is also the former training partner of the Mr. Olympia winner David Henry. Fortitude Training is a high-frequency program where you hit each muscle group 3-4 times per week using heavy loading sets, high-rep pump sets, muscle rounds, and extreme stretches. Fortitude Training seems to work well for many people, and is another program that you may want to try. Here is where you can learn more:

There are many other bodybuilding programs that you can choose from. If you are a fan of the sport of bodybuilding, then you may enjoy the following articles:

I find it fascinating to study how the greatest bodybuilders of all time organize their workouts. There is always something that you can learn from them, even if you don’t copy their routines exactly.

In the words of the legendary Louie Simmons:

“To master Kung Fu, the training must be severe!”

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck on your strength training journey!