About Dr. Mike Jansen

What’s going on!

My name is Dr. Mike Jansen and I’m the creator of Revolutionary Program Design.

I’m also the author of two brand new e-books:

I started this website on January 1st, 2020. My goal was to create the greatest strength training website in the world!

But what would the greatest strength training website of all time actually look like?

To me, it meant taking a deep dive into the greatest bodybuilding and powerlifting coaches of all time, including:

  • Charles Poliquin
  • Louie Simmons
  • Josh Bryant
  • John Meadows
  • Dante Trudel

I consider all of these coaches my mentors, as they have had a profound impact on my understanding of the “iron game,” as well as the overall direction of my life.

By now you may be wondering, who is Dr. Mike Jansen? Is he really an expert worth listening to?

I think the articles on my website speak for themselves. However, here are some of my qualifications:

  • 15 years of hardcore training experience
  • World-class injury prevention / rehabilitation expert
  • Licensed physical therapist / Doctor of physical therapy

I also have a world-class understanding of all thing strength training, nutrition, and recovery.

So what about my results? In other words… do I even lift?

Let’s start with my physique.

In 2022 I completed one of the greatest drug-free body transformations of all time!

Check it out:

This transformation was completed from January 2022 – July 2022.

I’m not just a “pretty boy” though! Pound-for-pound, I’m one of the strongest drug-free bodybuilders in the world.

Here is a video highlighting some of my best lifts, as well as my epic Super Saiyan 3 transformation!

Check it out:

Keep in mind, most of the videos were taken from the beginning of 2022. Needless to say, I’m FAR bigger and stronger now than when these videos were taken…

And not to brag, but I’m also the hardest training bodybuilder on planet Earth.

You can check out my YouTube channels if you don’t believe me:

I use the infamous DC Training program, and I’m currently training to be the strongest drug-free bodybuilder in the world.

Trust me – by the end of 2023, I will hold the title of “The World’s Strongest Natty Bodybuilder!”

Of course, I’m not saying you should use DC Training. But I can’t imagine training any other way!

As Dante Trudel would say, “I’m 2 bolts short of a train wreck!”

When I started this website on January 2020, my goal was to write about the greatest strength training minds the world had ever seen, and to take their advanced training concepts and make them accessible to the world.

Fast forward to today, and I have my own revolutionary ideas on strength training program design that will change the world forever.

Here are just a few of the revolutionary new ideas that I am personally using on my quest to become the world’s strongest bodybuilder:

  • Novel “tempo training” strategies
  • Novel “eccentric training” strategies
  • Novel “isometric training” strategies
  • Novel “resistance band” strategies
  • The Infinite Strength Curve
  • Many completely new exercises
  • Many new high-intensity training methods

You can check out my YouTube channels for more information on my own training style, and all of these advanced training strategies.

If you want to contact me, then reach out at one of my social media channels.

Here is a link to all of my Social Media channels:

In case you are interested, I’m also the co-founder of the website Testosterone.org.

No matter what your goals are, I’m confident that studying the ideas of the greatest bodybuilding and powerlifting coaches of all time will help you reach your goals faster.

Here’s a great quote from my childhood hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to pump you up even more:

The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck on your strength training journey!